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In January of 2020, CENTURY 21 Elite began The Relentless Campaign to recognize unsung heroes in the Sullivan community. Through The Relentless Campaign, CENTURY 21 Elite seeks to recognize relentless individuals  in our community, those who  give 121% and are a catalyst for growth and change.


CENTURY 21 Elite believes that if you are extraordinary, then you deserve extraordinary back. That's exactly what The Relentless Campaign is all about. If you know an individual who is making waves in our community, whether it is your co-worker, boss, doctor or neighbor, nominate them for The Relentless Campaign. We will choose one nominee per month and spotlight that relentless individual for their extraordinary work.



Nominate a relentless individual in your life that gives their dedication, time, and expertise to the Sullivan community today. CENTURY 21 Elite will feature a relentless individual each month until the end of 2022.


2023 RELENTLESS CAMPAIGN_jackgettinger sullivan_Facebook (1).png

Jack knew his passion for helping others was growing and he wanted to put his energy into the greater good. In 1983, he started Our Fathers Arms, an emergency food bank in Sullivan, Indiana. In 1993, they were able to add a clothes closet for those in need as well as assisting with utility bills. This resource has helped many over the years, and to this day, continues to grow. Jack still serves twice a week and is also on the PACE Board out of Vincennes. Being a teacher meant enriching the lives of not only his students, but all students.

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